• Beginner Level

    Suitable For Technician, Junior Engineer, Assistant, Administrator, Low & Middle Level Employee

    (1-3 Years Experiences In Machine Vision Industry)

  • Intermediate Level
  • Expert Level

TMS Lite Laboratory Sdn Bhd also known as
MV Lab is a machine vision service provider
established in September 2021.
Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering
high-quality service and support to help you
achieve your goals.

MV Lab specializes in providing three distinct services
to our clients:

Lab Test

Check out our lab test service with 20+ stations for various applications. Book your slot easily online and get professional advice on choosing equipment. 

Learning Program
Our platform offers a variety of resources to enhance your machine vision knowledge, including 20+ training courses to improve product selection skills and a free machine vision e-book.

Loan System
Explore our loan system with 1000+ illuminations in different colours and sizes. Browse and book online for hassle-free service.

Training Photos (Industry)

Training-ITW Metriex Sdn Bhd-23/1/2019

Best Product. Best Service.
Best Solution.

Our Speaker

  • Swenson Yeoh

    Swenson Yeoh

    • Sales Assistant Manager for TMS-Lite Sdn. Bhd.
    • Graduated from Technological University of Dublin (Ireland)
    • Bachelor (Hons) in Aerospace engineering & Marketing Management
    • Ex-Aerospace Engineer in General Electric Aviation
  • Lim Ming Fang

    Lim Ming Fang

    • Asia & Middle East Regional Sales & Marketing Executive
    • Graduated from Bachelor of Banking in UUM
  • Teoh Mei Chen

    Teoh Mei Chen

    • Product Executive of TME (The Mounting Expert)
    • Graduated as Marketing Studies student at UUM